KaB Domino is a 3 layer black and white spunbond non-woven polypropylene mask. The shape of the mask provides more room for your mouth and nose, making it more comfortable. It covers the area around your nose and mouth and just under the chin. A bendable aluminum nose wire rests at the bridge of the nose. The mask is easily adjustable with the use of paracord and a four point anchor system– ensuring a secure fit. With proper fitting (see our video) the mask will be comfortable with glasses and you will be able to eliminate foggy glasses.

KaB Masks are comfortable, adjustable, durable, breathable, washable and reusable – and Made in the USA!

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KaB Masks are not FDA-approved, not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease. However, the CDC recommends use of face coverings in public to reduce community spread by asymptomatic persons.