KAB Masks

KaB Masks is a family business created out of a need and desire to make the best mask possible for my family and friends. As the news of the pandemic was coming in, it became obvious that we would need quality face coverings. From my experience with allergies and living through major wild fires, I had my collection of respirator masks. But I couldn’t purchase more. So my face mask-making quest began.

I researched various patterns for masks. I researched the quality of the materials used to make filters in high quality face masks. I took my respirator apart. I read everything I could. And all the while, I was making masks to find the best fit and most comfort. I took the best parts of various mask designs and created my own. I searched and found the best available materials. We are committed to quality and craftsmanship in the creation of each mask.

My sisters (who live in New Hampshire and North Carolina) are part of my business, as are friends from the Napa Valley.

Thank you for supporting us and thank you for caring for yourself, your family and your community.


You can reach me through my law office in Grass Valley.